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Acrylic, canvas / 120x130cm / 2015

In my works I am “talking” about the meaning, the roles, predicaments and the loneliness of being a woman in a man’s world - I addresses the pain of creation, both literal and figurative.


Oil, acrylic, canvas / 80x60cm / 2009

In today’s world, people use terms such as ‘short-term relationships’, ‘short-term goals’, ‘disposable dishes’, ‘disposable gloves’, etc. There is a disproportionate overproduction, with the side-effect of piles of waste. In this context, women are also seen as human beings, who are inherently “short-term beings” with disposable bodies.


Oil, metalic foil, canvas / 70x90cm / 2016

Ono decided to come into the world, or be born, in a small provincial European capital. S/he was conceived on a beach by the sea, because their mother, Mirra, was unable to become pregnant in bed. On that sandy dune, however, she managed. The father had dreamt of a son, but it was Ono who was born.


Oil, canvas / 120x130cm / 2011

A miracle happened and we met. Beautifully and innocently. Reserved and businesslike. Accidentally, yet inevitably. Impossibly huge swarms of butterflies circled in my stomach, and they all began their dance of joy – each individually and all together.


Video installation / Sotheby’s Artist Quarterly, Vienna / 2017

Naked body that is art testimony by itself. Tattoo of the art of the century as encyclopaedic reminder about everything that has been created. From Venus to the Black Square. The water like a purgatory washes everything off – the art and the conscience. From the black square to the white page.

The Developmentof Interdependence

Live performance / Impulstanz, Leopold Museum, Vienna / 2017

The body, the love and the power of women are the poles around which Helen Ora’s works revolve in ironic, grotesque and tender twists. Her female characters live, suffer and dance in a nowhere land between a vulnerable self and alien others. In The development of interdependence one such woman sets off from a clearing that is surrounded by trees. Or rather, a live performer does so in a room on whose four walls videos are being projected: a clearing, with a forest all round.

Flesh II

Video installation / Vienna contemporary, Vienna / 2017

With a contemporary acceleration of time, leaving a powerful question in one’s consciousness about the world in which we live. It is stripped bare with a markedly feminine perspective – about life creating woman and about death that roams around us. About God’s creatures – human beings and beasts, who all have an equal right to exist. About the thin ice, on which we all walk, realizing that we have been granted the good fortune to live.


Video installation / Tsereleli gallery, Moscow / 2016

A 20th century Mother of God, life-giver with a child. The icon comes to life with the many faces of a woman who is not only a saint but also a sinner. Similarly she is simultaneously the Mother of this one child as well as all the world’s children, embraced by the forest of life. And she herself is not only a woman, but also a child borne into this world, one meant to create, protect and wonder about the beauty and mystery of this world. This Icon radiates our era’s light – terrifying but nonetheless inspiring hope.


Short film / 15min / Short Film Corner, Cannes / 2017

In the beginning from nothing, from just a spit the cosmos is created, in which all of us are insignificant particles of dust. But each of us is also a cosmos unto oneself. A woman and a man, who as opposites and as parallels, go through the life cycle from birth through the beauty of innocent youth until the experience of old age and death.


Short film / 6min / Annecy International Animation Film Festival / 2021

The field of art demands faith on all its components: the artists, the artwork, the places where it is exhibited, the discourses used to teach, explain, promote, sell, and collect it, etc. In a given society, an artist can transmute the value of the materials used by signing the piece, as if having a sacred power. Anyway, as a craft, at every time there are rules that guide the potential developments of the artistic expression. PANIC is a six minutes animated film distilled by Helen Ora and Reinis Kalnaellis.

Helen Ora

Author — Performer